SAI / FSA guideline

SAI Platform & FSA Verification
(SAI – Sustainable Agriculture Initiative & FSA – Farm Sustainability Assessment)

SAI Vision
A sustainable, thriving and resilient agricultural sector that protects the earth’s resources, human rights and animal welfare and delivers value to our members and across the whole supply chains.

SAI Mission
To harness the collaborative power of their members to accelerate widespread adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.

SAI Commitment
SAI Platform is committed to helping to create a future where people, the planet and sustainable business solutions come together to ensure a viable and resilient agricultural sector.

Solving global agriculture challenges with measurable impact
From helping farms stay viable to high-level international initiatives, the work of SAI and its members is as local and global as it gets. All stakeholders together, in an environment of pre-competitive collaboration, shall arrive at pragmatic solutions to common challenges all over the world.
This is done via projects, solutions development, in workshops and on field trips that offer an informal setting for members to have an equal voice in the conversation. These provide members with the opportunity to see the bigger picture, collaborate with innovators and drive change.

FSA Tool
The Farm Sustainability Assessment Tool is a comprehensive approach to farm sustainability built around a free set of simple questions which standardise farm assessment. Improve your insight into agricultural value chains.

Farmers prove they belong to an industry-leading sustainable agriculture programme. And existing scheme or toolkit stakeholders have a single environment in which to promote themselves and evaluate their place in sustainable agriculture.

What is the Farm Sustainability Assessment?
Developed by SAI Platform, the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) is a set of tools for food and drink businesses that want to assess, improve and validate on-farm sustainability in their supply chains. The tools enable effective and efficient supply chain collaboration right down to the level of the farmer.

Which topics does the Farm Sustainability Assessment cover?
The Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) is a self-assessment questionnaire with 112 questions about farming practices in 17 topic areas. The questions cover all pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and business.

Which type of farm can apply the Farm Sustainability Assessment?The Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) is applicable to all agricultural crops, in all locations, regardless of farm size. Almost 100,000 farmers in more than 25 countries around the world belong to FSA verified farm groups. They produce a wide and expanding range of row crops, fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices. There is a special FSA for mushroom.

I understand that the Farm Sustainability Assessment is a self-assessment tool. Is it also possible to have the results independently verified?
Yes, the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) offers optional third-party verification of self-assessment results. FSA-approved Verification Bodies perform audits to assess if an individual farm or a group of farmers have implemented the FSA correctly, and if the self-assessment results at farm level are in line with their findings. On this basis, Verification Bodies can issue an FSA Letter of Attestation that enables making an FSA Performance Claim.

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