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agroVet Logos

agrovetCertif neu RGB

The customer is authorized to use trademarks registered for agroVet to label his products and for advertising purposes after an inspection and/or certification.

Following basic principles apply
The terms of use are considered an integral part of the terms and conditions as amended. All the following illustrations are protected under trademark law and property of agroVet. The trademarks can be downloaded free. The compliant use will be verified upon inspection.
Any improper use and infringement can result in legal action.

Improper use of trademarks
In case of improper use of the trademarks the contracting parties will first strive to reach an amicable solution. Upon the first infringement, agroVet will respond with a written warning including reasonable corrective measures. In the event of further infringements or if an amicable solution cannot be reached, the customer will be required to pay a fine in the amount of 10 % (minimum amount € 1,000.-) of the turnover earned as a result of sales of incorrectly labeled products. This fine shall not be subject to the judicial right of mitigation. Furthermore, agroVet shall be entitled to terminate the inspection contract immediately and without notice if the trademark logo is used contrary to the contract.

Color definition of the agroVet seal
Green: 100 Cyan / 25 Magenta/ 90 Yellow/ 0 Key
Green: RGB 0/124/69
Red: 10 Cyan / 100 Magenta / 100 Yellow/ 10 Key
Red: RGB 196/7/27
Green: 349 C
Red: 187 C

General agroVet Seal: colored and monochrome
 agrovetCertif neu RGB

 agroVet Certification SW



for companies that entered into an inspection contract with agroVet GmbH.
On the product:
companies may use the trademark to label their products upon signing an inspection contract and after the inspection body granted approval.

Advertising material:
companies may use the trademark on advertising material upon signing an inspection contract and after the certification body granted approval.

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