Mission statement

Mission statement

agroVet is not controlled by outside influences. Based on our impartiality, we provide our services neutrally to all applicants, independent of all commercial or political influences.
Our market position is strengthened by a broad range of services and financial autonomy.

Professional, independent inspections and services by qualified inspectors form the basis of our customers’ satisfaction and trust. We take account of our customers’ needs and offer modern inspection products and efficient inspection solutions that are state of the art.

agroVet promotes the social and professional skills of its inspectors and employees and motivates them to work as a team. All members of our team constantly strive to further develop our services.

agroVet attaches great importance to quality in every respect. Our high demands for quality extend to the competence of our team, our inspection and service activities as well as our customer service. We aim to support our customers in terms of quality assurance, especially in building and expanding digital interfaces for the transmission of certification data in real time.

Through its inspection and service activities, agroVet is making an important contribution to the promotion of sustainable production methods.

Consumer confidence:
The transparency of sustainable production methods is becoming ever more important to consumers. Our inspection activities serve to strengthen consumers’ trust in quality products.