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ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification)


ISCC is a sustainability standard for the renewable energy sector, based on the criteria of sustainable management, CO2 calculation and traceability. In that sector, agroVet has already successfully certified enterprises in Austria, the EU and Southeast Asia.

ISCC is the first worldwide recognized certification system for sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction in the biomass and renewable energy sectors. The concept is based on sustainable management and greenhouse gas reduction, as well as the protection of natural habitats and social sustainability. During ISCC certification, the path of bioenergy is documented along the entire value chain, from the fields to the point of delivery. Thus, the certificate evidences that biomass was produced in accordance with established sustainability requirements.

For business enterprises, ISCC certification offers new chances in the market, is a distinctive feature in competition, and improves the image of an enterprise due to the transparent and sustainable working practices.

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As an internationally established and recognized certification body, agroVet GmbH offers ISCC certification all over the globe at any level of the chain of production and supply. Our competent auditors support you during the entire procedure and provide efficient, objective and transparent certification.

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