Gutes vom Bauernhof guideline

Gutes vom Bauernhof

GutesvomBauernhof“Gutes vom Bauernhof” (“goodness from the farm”) is a quality program for direct sales of farm produce in Austria. At present, approximately 1,600 member enterprises in six provinces market their products under this umbrella brand. “Gutes vom Bauernhof” is a registered trade mark of the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture.

The brand stands for traceable origin, excellent product quality and professional marketing. It is issued by the chambers of agriculture and the direct sellers’ associations in the provinces.

Since 2002, specialists of agroVet GmbH with the relevant qualifications have carried out on-site inspections of compliance with the guidelines by enterprises in Upper Austria and Lower Austria, and since 2011 also in Carinthia.

Contact person:
Dr. Alexandra Schleiner   

Monika Ebner                            +43 (0)2262 672214-50

Gutes vom Bauernhof