AMAG.A.P./GLOBALG.A.P. guideline




Austrian producers of fruit, vegetables or ware potatoes can obtain certification pursuant to the AMAG.A.P. guidelines, which are a standard that has fully been recognized by GLOBALG.A.P. and that also considers Austrian criteria (the Austrian Agri-environmental Program ÖPUL for integrated production).

One benefit for producers, among others, is that they will be integrated into the AMA Marketing residue monitoring scheme. That means that in contrast to the single certification pursuant to GLOBALG.A.P., producers do not have to carry out product analyses themselves, so that the costs are also lower. Besides, AMA Marketing also provides all required recording forms (see links).

Contact persons:
DI Klaus Petrakovics                        +43 (0)2262 672214-74

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GLOBALG.A.P. is a private-sector standard for Good Agricultural Practice which is now applied all over the world and broadly recognized in the trade sector.

In Austria the EASY-CERT group offers inspection and certification together with the certification body CERES. This certification enables you to label your products according to the GLOBALG.A.P. Criteria. The label is of great importance in international trade and also in marketing in Austria.

The following certification options are available:

Option 1: certification of an individual producer
Option 2: certification of a group of producers with their own quality management system
Option 3: certification of an individual producer pursuant to the AMAG.A.P standard

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