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GenussregionThe “GenussRegion” (“gourmet region”) brand stands for certified, high-quality, regionally produced food from Austria. Each GenussRegion draws up a detailed specification that shows the size of the region, the regional specialties and the inspection system.

Since the end of 2012, inspections and certifications have been offered for each GenussRegion across a wide variety of products. The spectrum of inspections ranges from nuts to fruits, fish and meat products. Wherever possible, agroVet GmbH seeks to offer combined inspections together with inspections in the organic or GM-free sectors, or with “Gutes vom Bauernhof” (“goodness from the farm”).

Contact persons:
Dr. Alexandra Schleiner           +43 (0)664 8487991

Monika Ebner                            +43 (0)2262 672214 50

Genuss Region

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