Europe Soya / Danube Soya

Europe Soya / Danube Soya

agroVet GmbH is the first inspection body contracted to carry out inspections and issue certifications according to the Danube Soya Guidelines. The “Danube Soya” label marks source-identified soya from GM-free production from countries along the Danube River. Danube Soya also makes a major contribution to protein supply in Austria.

The Europe Soya programme has been established to promote and propagate the cultivation, processing and marketing of GM-free, origin-controlled quality soya from Europe. The aim is to develop and guarantee a GM-free protein supply in and from Europe.

Due to our many years of experience, nationally and internationally, we enjoy the fullest trust not only of our customers but also of the Danube Soya Association. We see ourselves as a reliable and strong partner that is able to guarantee cost and time savings for our customers due to combined inspections.

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