AMA Seal of Approval

AMA Seal of Approval


agroVet GmbH offers inspections for the AMA Seal of Approval in various production areas. If possible, inspections are conducted in synergy with other programs.


Meat production: cattle and calves, pigs, sheep and goats
Contact person:
Mag. med. vet. Lukas Karnberger                +43 (0)664 8487985

Poultry for fattening
Contact person:
DI Matthias Fröschl                                    +43 (0)664 8487995

Dairy cows
Contact person:
Florian Staudinger                                    +43 (0)664 88350823

Fish breeding
Contact person:
DI Eva Maria Friedrich                                +43 (0)2262 672214-48

Licensees / processors

Siegel Christina, MA                                             +43(0)2262 672212-54

Contact person:
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